Comfort Living

Smart Interfaces

What distinguishes Nextworks Apps from others control systems? inSymphony, iSealux and iBest are applications that make it easy to control of technological systems using common gestures that you commonly use with your portable devices. It is possible to zoom, move on the flor, swipe quickly on plans to have with a few simple gestures the whole yacht or home under control. Express Touch Technology is the innovative idea behind this advanced graphical user interface.

Ambient Intelligence

Imagine arriving home from work - the path lights switch on and the garage door gets opened. Your house recognizes you and gives you the warmest welcome: the desired lighting and temperature, your favourite music… all of this automatically. It is just technical innovation which brings the future into your home.

The Symphony way of living

Scenarios for all Tastes

Everything Under Control

The right HVAC settings

Completely Open

Tailor Made Technology