Living Comfort on Your Boat

The suite of products to “turn on” the enjoyment and well-being of life on board, using a single platform and a single wiring.


A new solution for Entertainment, Security, Comfort Living, Communications, Network and Fleet Control that will give you the advantages of 30% reduction of wiring used in installations and 50% reduction of maintenance interventions and assistance on board. Sealux is ideal for both an initial installation and refitting, thanks to its flexibility and design freedom, the cost saving, the reduced installation time and space, its future expandability without infrastructural intervention

Each module is based on open technologies and protocols, thus ensuring full compatibility and interoperability with third-party devices. Our goal has been to create a technically comprehensive and functional platform, to be used by skilled engineers and architects who are daily in charge of onboard planning. To this purpose, we prioritized the efficient usage of space by trying to deploy tiny yet robust devices, still with an eye to energy saving and ecosustainability.



The Sealux suite



Comfort Living



Fleet Control

Sealux services

Nextworks provide a range of helpful technical and customer resources. We offer many services to meet the crew and owner needs in the design, installation and customization of the system:


In the design phase
  • Understand Sealux: the best way to fully understand and appreciate the power within the Sealux system is to try it with any of its control devices, and to check its quality face to face. Ask for an appointment today, and dive into the countless possibility brought to you by Sealux.
  • Meet the Sealux professionals: share the customer’s aspirations and visualize how the system can fulfill them in an optimum extent.
In the deployment phase
  • Customizing the system: during the installation phase, the Nextworks technical staff will supervise all the activities for the network wiring, the device configuration, and the system setup.
  • Crew Training: once the system is installed, Nextworks will take care of training the crew staff to best exploit the system functions and power.
In the operative phase
  • System Configuration
  • Upgrade and Remote Assistance
  • After Sales