The Most Advanced Completely Integrated System

A dedicated team specialized in research & development committed to creating products ahead of their time: this is Nextworks. And this is why we were the first to introduce IP-based integrated systems in 2004, a technology developed for Azimut Benetti and adopted as a standard for their megayachts since 2007. With a self explaining name..

Best - Benetti Exclusive Sea Technology



In BEST all subsystems, although different for functionality and technology can communicate with each other using a common language: the BEST platform is the mean to create new services and new innovative experiences. (This is possible because every function has an open interface that enables communication with the rest of the system.)

A single Network

BEST is made up of a single network infrastructure and middleware software that correlate all devices and different components through the exchange of signals and events. BEST is based on stable technological foundations constituted by a pervasive network of connections that reaches all the on-board systems. The physical network is the real yacht nervous system that conveys all the information to the different devices.

This principle lets BEST architecture scale perfectly for any yacht size, from the 28,5 metres of a Benetti Delfino to the largest FB Custom Steel Yacht, accepting big differences in the installation complexity.



Best functions


Lighting, Blinds and HVAC Control

Voice and Data Communications

CCTV and Access Control

Continous development and exclusive new functionalities

Since 2007, more than 60 Benetti Yachts have been delivered equipped with the BEST System, and more than 20 new builds are already under contract.


Refitting an already delivered yacht after few years is a clear signal of a satisfied Owner and a great relationship with the crew. The will to bring again an installation to the state of the art has raised in some important yacht after 3-5 years of operation and the refit has once more highlighted the BEST architecture strenght points, allowing to perform fast and unobtrusive system upgrade:

  • no need to lay new or additional cables, nor to replace existing
  • replacement of devices to match newer technologies (e.g. TV set and amplifiers from HD to 4K)
  • latest functionalities brought by a software-only upgrade

This, as a success story, led us to fully refit a 65 meters yacht in less then 3 weeks, working abroad.