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Nextworks is part of Prodigi, the Tuscan ICT Foundation

Nextworks is one of the 30 founders of "ITS Prodigi", a Foundation fostering learning and training on information and communication technologies. 

Our participation was possible thanks to the recognition we received as an innovative SME at a National and European level, together with important names of the Tuscan entrepreneurship such as ABB, Seco Spa and SeSa Spa.

The aim of the Foundation, which has a Tuscan character, as underlined by the presence of Governor Giani at the inauguration ceremony, is to create training courses dedicated to the three fundamental areas of ITC, namely the organisation and use of information and technologies, methods and technologies for the development of software systems, and architectures and infrastructures for communication systems. 

This is an important opportunity for Nextworks to contribute to the development and enrichment of a specific area of higher technical education. ITS courses have proven to be very profitable over time, guaranteeing participants many employment opportunities within a year of graduation and, above all, in line with their curriculum.

In addition to specialised teaching staff, the project benefited from direct experience with the various companies involved.

Nextworks participates with great enthusiasm and is proud to contribute to the growth of new professionals with technical and technological skills, ready to support companies in their business innovation process. The ICT sector is a strongly growing sector, offering many opportunities to the local economy.

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