CiViQ: Continuous Variable Quantum Communications

Main Goal

Design architectures and implement Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution (CV-QKD) technologies in high-performance photonic integrated circuits (PIC), define the related interfaces and control protocols to allow a network-aware software defined functionality and open modular development that can meet the needs of the secure telecommunications.

Nextworks role
Model QKD control network, lead the development activities on Software defined QKD control plane and evaluate QKD systems in telecom infrastructures.

Other key Partners
Telefonica (ES), Orange (FR), Huawei (DE), Mellanox (IL), Fraunhofer (DE), Univ. Politecnica Madrid  (ES)

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R&D Area
Funding Programme
EC H2020, Topic FETFLAG-03-2018: FET Flagship on Quantum Technologies
36 months, Start:1/Oct/2018