LOCUS: Localization and Analytics On-demand Embedded in the 5G Ecosystem for Ubiquitous Vertical Applications

Main Goal

Develop a location management layered infrastructure for 5G networks capable of improving localization accuracy and security. Work on analytics, learning and inference to analyze/predict the behavior of devices and targets, and improve network management.

Nextworks role
Design and develop APIs and work on the integration of intelligence functions for Network Optimization and Operation. Define the virtual platform capable to instantiate LOCUS functions for network management, with packaging of virtualization functions for ML and Localization & Analytics as a Service.

Other key Partners
CNIT (IT), IBM (IE), NEC (DE), Ericsson (IT), Orange (FR), OTE (GR), Samsung (UK), Univ. Malaga (ES), IMDEA (ESIT)

Link to project website

R&D Area
5G Networks
Funding Programme
EC H2020, Topic ICT-20-2019-2020: 5G Long Term Evolution
30 months, Start:1/Nov/2019