Nextworks at ETSI NFV ISG #18 meeting

19 May 2017, Sophia-Antipolis (FR)



Nextworks has been present at the ETSI NFV #18 meeting in the role of leader of the newly established Specialist Task Force for the Identification of gaps between ETSI NFV requirements and Open Stack APIs (ETSI STF 530).


Giacomo Bernini, R&D project manager at Nextworks and STF530 leader, reported on the progress of the STF team on the gap analysis activities started in March 2017:

  • 8 OpenStack gaps have been identified and documented to the NFV TST
  • 4 new User Stories have been defined and reported, as use cases for potential gaps to be clarified with IFA
  • 4 new IFA005 and IFA006 information elements have been also identified and reported to the NFV TST

The gaps presented at the NFV plenary meeting is available as contribution NFV(17)000148 on the ETSI Portal and its applicability to NFV Release 3 has been discussed by delegates.

ETSI Specialist Task Forces (STFs) are teams of highly skilled experts, brought together to perform specific technical work under the direction of one of the ETSI technical committees.

The STF 530 team is composed by a total of 3 experts, two from Nextworks and one from Mirantis.


For more information, search on the ETSI portal for STF 530 and NFV related documents.