NEXTWORKS at 5GItaly: Pitch on Investments and Future Jobs with 5G

3 Dic. 2018

5G is becoming a market reality, and it is capitalising on the latest advancements on research executed at European level under the auspices of the European Commission and the 5G Public Privare Partnership (5G PPP).

Understanding what 5G means for the society is key for the correct use and maximum benefit from new services, to identify new market opportunities, and know how to implement policies and regulations.

Nextworks is heavily involved in the 5G research in Europe, with important strategic roles covered within the 5G Industrial Association (5G IA), the active participation in 9 international R&D projects with top renowned consortia of operators, vendors, Verticals, and the participation to the 5G trial experimentation with Open Fiber and Wind Tre in Prato.

Gino Carrozzo, our Deputy Head of Research and Development, will speak at 5G Italy, the three-day conference organised by CNIT in Rome (IT) to discuss the status of affairs of 5G in Italy with all the top key stakeholders. Gino will speak during the session "Industry 4.0: Investments and Future Jobs"  and will present how 5G can impact the market strategy of SMEs like Nextworks. 

5G Italy, sponsored among others by Nextworks and the Slicenet Project, will focus on Policy and Research and deal with relevant vertical applications: Media and Tourism, Energy, Industry 4.0, eHealth, Transports, Mobility and Automotive, Public Administration, Defence and Security. 

During the 5G Italy, CNIT will also present a 5G white book for Italy, with the aim of documenting the Italian 5G ecosystem, presenting the work done up to now by significant research and industry players, including field trials, the most interesting applications and vertical exploitations and reporting on regulatory and market/business issues. Nextworks has largely contributed to the white book contents.

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