Martinelli Luce Showroom, Lucca

Martinelli Luce is renowned manufacturer of lamps and lighting devices. In its showroom, we created a captivating environment to immerse visitors in a surreal atmosphere, made of lights, colors, music and beauty, with a specific care to aspects such as energy saving, full control and personalization.

The solution we realized focuses on the automation of the showroom, based on the creation of customized lighting scenarios, and using presence detection devices distributed in various environments, which allow to obtain special effects when people pass by.

The lighting and music scenarios in the showroom have been realized integrating also Digital Signage solutions and using videowalls, for the projection of images of lamps, news, or videos that capture and fascinate the audience. The lighting is based on the DALI standard, which offers almost unlimited possibilities. The DALI lighting system has been easily integrated into Symphony, so the ultimate control is implemented via customized Symphony interfaces, which are simple and intuitive as usual.

The showroom servers a wide range of purposes: from the usual exhibition activity to worldly events, art exhibitions, special presentations of the product collections. This challenging functional requirements imply a high-degree of flexibility and energy saving for our system.

Furthermore, the use of the Symphony cloud platform allows an effortless management the systems, and an easy creation of the Digital Signage programs, both in place and remotely. Thus, the showroom can be always controlled from any site within the company offices.


Read the editorial published in the October 2018 issue of the GIE magazine, click here to download the article.

Category Commercial-Office Building