Simplicity and Complete Control in Your Hands

Imagine yourself entering your living room, waving a hand and making the magic happen: lights dim, curtains close, a pleasant temperature is set, your favorite song starts playing, a delightful essence spreads in the air, and all the phones go muted. All you need to do then is just relax..


Private Villa Russian Owner (GR)

Type: Villa / Area: 800 sqm / Year: 2016

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Villa Forte dei Marmi

Type: Villa / Area: 800 sqm / Year: 2016

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Farm Resort Poggio Mori

Type: Farm Resort / Area: 800 sqm / Year: 2009 / Full refit: 2015

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Private Villa Montecatini

Type: Villa / Area: 400 sqm / Year: 2017

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Nextworks aims for Spain and Latin America markets, announcing a new partnership with ADITEL SISTEMAS, a company located in Madrid with branch offices also in Colombia and Mexico.

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Nextworks, in qualità di partner del progetto 5G City, parteciperà al Lucca Comics & Games 2018 a Lucca, dal 31 ottobre al 4 novembre 2018:

Padiglione S. Donato “The Bit District”, Stand SDN123 – 5G City

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SYMPHONY “illumina” lo showroom di Martinelli Luce. Ne parla la rivista GIE nel numero di ottobre

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