Assisted living

Ambient Assisted Living

We recognize that the potential of integrating all aspects of assisted living systems in home automation systems and intelligent buildings is very important. Our skills to customize user-specific interfaces lets our customers enjoy control day-by-day activity in extremely simplified manner.


Private Villa Montecatini

Type: Villa / Area: 400 sqm / Year: 2017

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Private Villa Livorno

Type: Villa / Area: 400 sqm / Year: 2016

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Country House Villa Liguria

Type: Villa / Area: 400 sqm / Year: 2014

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Nextworks aims for Spain and Latin America markets, announcing a new partnership with ADITEL SISTEMAS, a company located in Madrid with branch offices also in Colombia and Mexico.

Jun, 04 2019   0 Comments   nextworks  

Nextworks, in qualità di partner del progetto 5G City, parteciperà al Lucca Comics & Games 2018 a Lucca, dal 31 ottobre al 4 novembre 2018:

Padiglione S. Donato “The Bit District”, Stand SDN123 – 5G City

Oct, 25 2018   0 Comments   nextworks  

Dal 7 al 9 Marzo 2018, presso la nostra sede, si terrà un corso tecnico di formazione per conoscere ed utilizzare al meglio la piattaforma di supervisione SYMPHONY.

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